The more I see of humans,
the more I admire dogs.
- Genlin

Eating Happiness is the first call-to-action documentary film exposing the true nature of dog meat consumption in Asia. Director and Producer Genlin takes viewers through the backstreets and rural villages of Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea and China to uncover the brutal violence that is par for the course in the Asian dog meat trade.

The film reveals the unsettling fact that 30 million dogs are killed annually in Asia. An even more alarming fact is that 70% of those slaughtered for food are stolen family pets. Our footage sheds light on several disturbing practices associated with the consumption of dog meat in Asia including the cruel theft of dogs from their homes, grueling transport to the slaughterhouse and inhumane methods of torture prior to death.

Audiences will get to see rare undercover footage of the abysmal conditions dogs and their puppies must endure on South Korean dog farms as well as disturbing interviews with business owners who make their livelihood selling products made from dog body parts. Powerful highlights include the stories of impassioned animal activists stopping trucks laden with thousands of stolen dogs prior to reaching the slaughterhouse and the inspirational heroism of one female activist who single-handedly cares for 3,200 dogs she has rescued from dinner tables.

Eating Happiness uncovers the relationship between humans and dogs in Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, China and the United States. The film has received widespread support in the animal welfare community including a resounding endorsement from the Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society International. Eating Happiness will undoubtedly touch viewer's hearts and encourage them to take action on behalf of man's best friend.

Eating Happiness Trailer

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Film Crew


Producer, Director & Writer

Genlin, also known as Hiroshi Horiike, was born in Shanghai, China. Currently, he is an honorary board director and a visiting professor of Shanghai University. In the 1990s, he became a successful business owner in Hong Kong and became a philanthropist contributing to charity projects such as building schools, libraries and establishing scholarships. With a strong interest in the arts, Genlin is both a photographer and an artist.

In recent years, Genlin has focused his attention on establishing the World Dog Alliance with the mission of persuading Asian governments to legislate explicitly the banning of dog meat consumption. In order to educate and inform society to the issues of dog meat consumption and maltreatment of dogs in Asia, Genlin has for the first time directed, and produced the feature documentary, “Eating Happiness”.

He is currently planning the next dog themed series and social issue films, with the hope of influencing extensive and deep discussion. He believes filmed entertainment is the strongest weapon to change the world!

tom_curranTom Curran
Director of Photography

Curran is an Emmy award-winning CINEMATOGRAPHER and filmmaker. Recent projects have taken him from filming fashion icons in Europe for HBO’s In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye to camping out for two months in the Arctic Circle on Ice Cold Gold for Animal Planet. Tom’s company Night Train Pictures supplied the newest in large sensor camera technology with the Canon C300 for both projects. Curran has DP’d for ABC, ESPN, A&E, IFC, PBS, Discovery Channel, The History Channel, The Learning Channel, among others. Tom is also a producer/director—his first film Adrift is an award-winning documentary that aired on PBS and The Silence aired on Frontline, PBS in 2011. Curran studied at The American Film Institute, and lives in Los Angeles.

“As a cinematographer, I have a passion for filming animals and wildlife. While shooting the Iditarod Sled Dog Race in Alaska for seven years, I discovered a deep love and respect for dogs. Being the cinematographer of “Eating Happiness" opened my eyes to the cruel practice of dogs being eaten by humans across Asia. I’m proud to have worked on this important story and hope the film brings about policy change throughout Asia.”


Man-Ching Ng
Director of Photography

Man-Ching Ng is an award winning cinematographer with a Best Cinematography win for RISE OF THE LEGEND from the Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers Awards, with several nominations from the Hong Kong Film Awards and Asian Film Awards. Man-Ching has been working in the film industry for over 20 years, first as a lighting technician, then as a gaffer, launching his career as a cinematographer in the early 200’s on the INFERNAL AFFAIRS Hong Kong based crime films. He also held a stint as a camera operator on the Jadan Smith-starring remake THE KARATE KID produced and distributed by Colombia Pictures.

“I totally agree that dogs are human’s best friends, so I want to support what Genlin is doing for the dogs.”

curran_pangCurran Pang (Pang Ching Hei)

With over 40 feature film credits for editing in the last 15 years, Pang is an award winning Hong Kong feature film editor, with a win in the Best Editing category for INFERNAL AFFAIRS at the Hong Kong Film Awards with subsequent nominations for INFERNAL AFFAIRS 2 and 3, THE DETECTIVE, OVERHEARD 2 and 3.

“In my years of editing, never had I worked on a project this unique. I am highly honored to be able to contribute for dogs via the film.”


Wai Ka Wah

Wai Ka Wah has been working in the Hong Kong TV production industry for over 20 years. She has participated in the script-writing, directing and editing of various TV programs for one of Hong Kong’s biggest TV stations. She is passionate about social issues as she mainly participates in current affairs programs, where she combines her knowledge and life experience while editing to portray human interest stories to her audience in the most realistic yet heart-touching ways.

“As I see the cruelty of human, I feel so ashamed of being human… Here comes a hero who is going to save all the dogs on earth. I am so touched by his great efforts. I would like to thank Mr. Genlin for letting me be a part of this great film and I believe this is the most beautiful and powerful revolution on saving lives.”

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